Géraldine Dulex, one of our Swiss and American alumna who graduated from Institut Montana in 2002 can be found in New York City, doing what she loves most, acting. After spending four years studying in the US, she knew she wanted to go back and we offered her that possibility with our US High School Diploma and IB Diploma programme. Some of her favorite memories during her time with us were the theatre performance, basketball tournaments, the high school graduation party and perhaps to top it all off was her final presentation that she did for her US High School Diploma. 

All in all, she believed that she learned how to challenge herself and to take risks to potentially faily - because with a supportive network, why not go for it? With acting, she says, "Know that the rejections are going to outweigh the jobs you get. Don’t dwell on it, do something you love, treat yourself and you’ll see life goes on. Something that has been of tremendous value to me is journaling, writing down my thoughts, experiences and dreams with as many details as possible."

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