This year, students partook in the first ever DraMONTANActing which was led by our drama supervisor, Salvatore Greco. This drama club aims to teach students different ways of acting in our to improve their acting skills. Students were split up into groups of two to act out a small part of a scene that belong to an entire performance. There is a lot of established research about the positive influences from drama, theatre and peforming arts, especially on youth, The benefits are physical, emotional, social and they help to develop a healthy appreciation of culture and the arts.


Some of these include:

- Self confidence
- Imagination
- Empathy
- Cooperation
- Concentration
- Communication skills
- Fun
- Emotional outlet
- Physical fitness
- Memory and
- Appreciation for arts and culture!

Have a look at our full article to read the experience of two of our actors from the performance. 

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