International School Graduation 2019

Jun 11, 2019

On Wednesday 29 May 2019, our international school section celebrated the class of 2019 with a graduation.

This class included: 

Arseniy Afanasyev, Kariem Baldes, Nina Bianchi, Linda Chen, Charly Ding, Marie Genar, Nikolai Jarsenshenko, Cedric Jansen, Armaan Kalra, Victoria Kotenko, Alin Li, Jordan Mao, Lea Meraku, Kento Nakazawa, Ivan Petrov, Niklas Picavet, Karen Rehlis, Robin Seyfarth, Manisha Stoehr, Susan Sun, Botond Szlabony, Vincent Volle and Iman Wissanji.  

For all the details and highlights of the day, read our full article here.

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