In 2013, Fariba Buchheim graduated from Institut Montana and began her journey in the film industry. Today, she runs NOZY Films with her partner and we explore just how.

After completing her studies at Institut Montana, Fariba did a preparatory course in art where she specialised in film. She then moved to Munich to do a formation school to become a TV journalist. It was during this time that she dabbed in freelancing, did some internships and collaborated with film companies in Munich until she worked her way up to production. In 2017, she decided that she wanted to establish her own company and that’s when her partner, Andreas, and her created NOZY Films,a film production company that specializes in commercials, documentaries and more.

Not only that, but her and Andreas also decided to get their bachelor’s degree before it’s too late and were able to get two places in the University of Television and Film in Munich – one of the best schools in Europe and worldwide for this industry.

So how does one juggle running your own business and studying at the same time?  Read the full testimonial on our website!

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