Montana holds the first digital, P/T conference thanks to our alumni support!

Institut Montana goes fully online but stays personal as human interaction is at the heart of what we do.

Here is a throwback to our Parent-Teacher 1:1 online conference and how it turned out to be a success.
Since closing the school on 11th March we have had to move fast to make changes going forward.

As a forward looking school, we were early adopters of an innovative technology (OKOMO: whose co-founder, Kasimir von Koblinski, is an ex-Montana student. 

Who could have imagined that we would be putting this into practise now? At the time our thinking was to offer an extra tool for parents to be able to get in touch with us remotely if they could not make the school visits in person due to travel and work commitments.

However, when our alumna and Head of External Relations, Velia Tricoli was invited to speak on a panel for early adopters of the technology, we mentioned in passing how we might one day hold Parent-Teacher 1:1 online conferences!

Oh the irony! We did it and it worked seamlessly.

Thanks to our amazing alumni network, to our staff members who embraced the change in good spirits and to our students' parents for the trust and ongoing support!

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