The Ultimate Guide to Helping your Kids Succeed in the 21st Century

We are excited to share with you an article by Momma Braga, a famous blog about parenthood. The article features a guide on the best educational practices, based on our year-long experience in education.


You know your kids are special. They might drive you crazy sometimes but underneath they are smart, savvy and caring. You want a school that will find their talents and bring out the best in them. However, the world is changing and it’s changing fast. Finding the right school might not be as easy as it was.

You want your kids to leave school with the skills, qualifications and mindset that mean they will do well and be happy. But we are in the 21st century…

Technology is transforming the world of work, who knows what a career will look like in ten years’ time!
Higher education options are global, your teenagers might be looking to study at top universities the world over, how do you guide them?
Information is everywhere and yet sorting the real from the fake is harder than ever. As is learning how to take eager eyes off that glowing screen.
There is so much pressure on your kids to get those grades, how do you motivate them to study without crushing their enthusiasm?

At Institut Montana on the Zugerberg, a peaceful spot overlooking the lively city of Zug, these challenges have been met. It’s a school with a long history and a thoughtful approach to innovation. These qualities have set it up to educate today’s young people to be healthy and happy today and to thrive in the world of the future, whatever that might bring.

What can their experience tell us?

Go Global!

The world is getting smaller. A global perspective is an important key to unlock a bright future. Being in command of more than one language is a valuable resource – and knowing another language opens up the brain to a wider range of concepts..

From its opening in 1926, these have been core components to life at Institut Montana. They remain so today. Representing over 43 nationalities among its staff and students, the school is a welcoming multi-cultural community. There is a choice between the nationally based Swiss curriculum leading to the Swiss Matura or an international path via Cambridge International programmes to the International Baccalaureate. The school describes its mission as educating the global citizens of tomorrow and every opportunity to achieve this goal is grasped whole-heartedly, from clever adaptations of the curriculum to special projects that explore the issues that challenge our global society.

It is in language learning that the school truly excels. The Bilingual Elementary school for 6 to 12-year old’s has children fluent in German and English by the time they are ready for secondary education. A Bilingual Secondary School follows a Swiss curriculum in skill development for the modern world at the same time as teaching proficiency in second and even third languages. Both German and bilingual tracks are offered for the Swiss Matura and the school’s international section is a veritable babel of language learning opportunities, with German, French, English, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin. All these programmes are supplemented by a sophisticated and individually devised support system. This is the approach that will help today’s children grow into accomplished adults who can live gracefully in the world of tomorrow.

Think well!

That smart phone in your teenager’s hand might be a fabulous tool for finding out the population of Jakarta or the dates of WWII, but it also bombards with false facts and disinformation. How to sort the good from the rubbish? People have always been susceptible to persuasion and we have defences – knowledge, insight and analysis. Now more than ever, defence is crucial.

Schools are hugely important in developing informed, independent thinking in their students. Institut Montana was at the forefront when these methods were new, introducing exploratory learning (taking apart a transistor radio and re-assembling it for example) when it was a game-changer. In the 21st century, modern teaching methods are about helping students to research, assess their sources, and use evidence to make judgements. Institut Montana students face this every day, whether they are studying literature for their IB or business studies for their Matura.

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