Alumni Feature: Yahya Bajwa and his engagement for Human Rights in Pakistan

Today is the Human Rights Day and we want to share with you the story of our alumnus Yahya Bajwa.


Already during his school time at Institut Montana, Yahya had a dream of opening a boarding school in his home country Pakistan. Nowadays he and his brother Fida support education for girls and their non-profit organization LivingEducation operates several kindergartens, a day school and two boarding schools for girls in the suburbs of Islamabad. In addition, the organization opened "Dast-e-Shafqat" - a refuge center and a contact point for women affected by violence.


Fighting for Human Rights is a challenging task. Sometimes LivingEducation has to close down their projects because of political or religious pressure. But they manage to stand up again and again.


We are proud of our alumni doing good for a better world which has always been the mission of the school. You can read more about Yahya Bajwa and his amazing work in this article (German).

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