Since the first days of Institut Montana, the school has been striving to use the best modern technology and the most progressive teaching methods. That is why during the challenging times of COVID-19, the school management invested a lot of resources into software, hardware and professional development for teachers to introduce an addition to a traditional teaching model called hybrid schooling. 

What is Hybrid Schooling?

Hybrid Schooling is a combination of traditional classroom experience and online lesson delivery.

Institut Montana has been developing Hybrid Schooling even before the pandemic outbreak and managed to create the best distance learning environment for the students, who have to take classes this way.

Students on hybrid learning are able to keep their normal school timetables, including art classes and extra-curricular activities. As they are still virtually present in class, they have to concentrate on the assignments, as well as exchange with the teacher and the class. This hybrid interaction boosts their productivity level compared to standard online learning.

Furthermore, small class sizes of averagely 10 and maximum 15 students allow teachers at Institut Montana to pay a very close attention to each and every student, no matter if he or she is present at the class or virtually attending.

Read more about Hybrid Schooling at Institut Montana and future plans  in this article. 

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