This academic year Institut Montana introduced POP or Physical Outdoors Programme. It is based on the idea that the school curriculum should inspire young people to have a healthy holistic approach to life. The goal is to help students discover different exciting activities that will inspire them and also keep them physically fit for now and for the future in their adult lifes. 

The traditional three weekly PE lessons are being replaced with an entire afternoon dedicated to activities that encourage physical health. There is a vast variety of age and seasonally appropriate physical outdoors activities on the Zugerberg and its beautiful surroundings. Institut Montana’s students will get to experience most of them and probably even find those that they will carry with them into adulthood. 

POP recognizes the mental health dimension of physical education and will contribute to the holistic development of young people, who will become even more curious, confident, responsible and engaged adults in the future.

Read more about the Physical Outdoor Programme in this article.

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