Institut Montana in the newspaper Schweiz am Wochenende

Schweiz am Wochenede published an article about the deep meaning of our logo, which was created by a famous Swiss graphic designer Hans Tomamichel.

The article talks about a famous graphic designer Hans Tomamichel, who designed the logo of Knorr in 1947. In the same year, the founder of Institut Montana Max Hussman asked Tomamichel to design the logo for our school and the beautiful symbol was born.

The design represents the connected world. It shows a young plant, supported by a stake that will ensure that it grows healthily towards the sun, like the young person guided by education towards mutual understanding between people from all parts of the globe. We see an olive branch, a symbol of peace. It represents the most important idea of Max Husmann, the founder of Institut Montana. He was driven by the vision of providing education for peace. He believed that you could help young people grow into tolerant, compassionate adults who would lead their countries away from conflict rather than into it.



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