Institut Montana Has Been An Educational Innovator Since 1926

Back in 1926, teaching that used positive encouragement to inspire curiosity was seen as suspiciously progressive. But the founder of Institut Montana saw things differently. He was also deeply committed to the new idea that international education would help reduce conflict between nations.

He set up a school with a family-like atmosphere where students from all over the world would learn together. He adopted the best ideas from the philosophy and psychology of teaching and a forward-looking curriculum to teach the skills, attributes and clear thinking needed in a changing world.

Today, we remain a small, supportive school where these progressive traditions have defined our past and shape our forward-looking perspective on your children’s education.

Institut Montana has occupied the same site for nearly 100 years. It is a remarkable combination of connectedness and beauty. Only a short drive or train ride from the international hub of Zurich. Minutes from the small city of Zug, with its cobbled old quarter, sparkling lake and luxury shopping. And yet surrounded by meadows and forests.

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