The decision to attend a boarding school can be life-changing. Even parents convinced of the advantages sometimes harbour doubts whether this step is right for their kids. Stereotypes about boarding schools often support their concerns. 

So, let’s cut through the stereotypes. How does it look in real life? What are the benefits of attending a modern boarding school?

1. Learning independence

Starting a new life at boarding school is a huge adventure, but the change in lifestyle can be daunting. 

Experienced boarding staff understand this. They know how much care to give at first and how gradually to help children take more responsibility. As days go by, boarding students become increasingly independent. They learn to fit into the rhythm of school life, to manage a timetable full of classes, meals and after-school activities. They also learn to keep their rooms tidy, to organise themselves for weekly laundry, and to make good use of their free time. 

When it is time to leave for college, former boarding students arrive prepared. They have learnt how to be responsible, organized, they are full of initiative. They are ready to make the best of themselves.

2. Growing and learning together

When a community of friends lives and learns together, they absorb the advantages of peer learning. This is often hugely motivating. Boarding students can do their homework together and challenge each other academically, extending the depth of their learning and enriching their grasp of the subject matter. Of course, learning with your friends can be a lot more fun than doing homework by yourself at home. 

Boarding schools often offer designated study time for students to do their homework. This study time is supervised by teachers who are available to help with questions. Later, houseparents are also available to support students; they have plenty of experience in helping students reach their goals.

3. Making lifelong friends

Ask anyone what they like most about being a boarding student, and the answer is likely to be – my friends! Boarding students eat together, live together, and celebrate successes together. They create fond memories of evenings and weekends in each other’s company. Even trying times can turn into positive memories when you have your friends close by. Strong support systems come from sharing the formative experiences of these young adult lives. 

As we can see with our alumni, the bonds of friendship formed in boarding school last a lifetime, long after school years are over. 

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