Institut Montana hosts MUN conference to discuss technological progress and GMOs

Students take on the role of diplomats

Students from Institut Montana and seven other schools recreated the UN General Assembly in a three-day 'MUN Conference' and acted as diplomats to promote the interests of their assigned countries. This year, the focus was on 'technological progress' and the controversial topic of genetic research, specifically discussing GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Controversial, as the legal boundaries differ greatly across the world.

MUN conferences (short for: Model United Nations) are held by schools and universities around the world and are modelled on the structures of the United Nations. The 2021 MUN conference was hosted by Institut Montana from 29-31 October, at Chollerhalle, Zug and not on the Zugerberg, due to Covid-19. The guest speaker was Dr. Philipp Aerni, Director of the Centre for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at the University of Zurich. Besides, Institut Montana, seven other schools from Switzerland, Germany and Holland took part in the conference and over 20 different nationalities were represented. 

The MUN conference is designed to enable students to learn about complex political issues and discuss them in detail with other participants. They put themselves in the role of a representative of a country that is foreign to them and this helps to develop an understanding of the problems and situations of other peoples and cultures. In addition, they expand and deepen skills in rhetoric, negotiation tactics and diplomacy as well as foreign languages. Last but not least, dealing with those who think differently and dealing with their points of view without prejudice is an important aspect of the conference.

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