Albert Marill Farré's experience at the Summer Sessions 2018

The 2018 summer sessions were, for me an unforgettable experience in several levels.

Firstly, it provided me with the opportunity of having a first job. This opportunity has enabled me to learn a lot, not only about the working world but also about myself and others.

Montana has been my academic center for three years and the fact that I was able to be included as a member of staff for a short period of time is, in my opinion, a great way to finish my Montana experience and bid my high school years a final farewell.

Working on summer sessions has made me aware of some realities that student life does not prepare you for. The most important one being, that I am entering adult life, and that as so, I should start to behave and think like an adult, in a sense, it has awakened a sense of independence and self-sufficiency that I have never thought about or experienced before. 

The Summer Sessions have been a great opportunity for me to see how Business Management theory (which was one of my HLs for the IB) is applied to real life business activity. Especially when ordering materials and food, as well break even, profit and loss account, balance sheets and aspects of HRM. It was amazingly interesting how what I dismissed as only theory and academic jibberish was actually the foundation for most of the activity in any business.

Resilience was also part of the unwritten syllabus in Montana Summer Sessions. Having to work with a lot of children and also having to deal with some aspects of logistics can be, at least for inexperienced alumni, a large and difficult challenge..

In Montana, I also met many different types of people, both students, and co-workers from which I was able to learn several things from. Some of them I ended up being good friends with and we still try to keep in touch even though we do not see each other often.

Anyhow, I think that this rather long text sums up my experience in Montana during its summer sessions. It has been an honor and a privilege to be included in the staff and it has given me an arsenal of experiences and valuable lessons that will enable me to go to the next step in my life with a steady and unrelenting determination to reach all my goals, while in Montreux, doing my university studies in Hotel and Hospitality Establishment Management in Glion.

Kind Regards,

Albert Marill Farré

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